BeerBoard is a platform for what’s on tap.

An industry-leading platform that streamlines alcohol management, automates ordering, and aims to take on restaurants and their entire menu.

So much data, so little time

Managing more than $1 billion in retail bar sales with over 55,000 products on their platform, BeerBoard is turning consumption data and product management into a more streamlined process with meaningful insights and intelligent recommendations. BeerBoard sought TangoSquared’s help in several areas; user experience design for their platform, in order to refine existing flows and prepare for new features and functionality releases, and marketing design and media production.

Services Provided

UX/UI Design

Media Production

Information Architecture

Design Auditing

Sales Deck Design

Marketing Materials

Key Challenges

Key Challenges

An evolving platform where the breadth of data intelligence was surpassing the original systems design, and as a result there was a growing UX debt.

The method of interaction from bar owners and managers has changed since the inception of BeerBoard, from stationary POS systems and desktop monitoring to mobile and remote management.

BeerBoard needed help to extend its reach through marketing via social media, media production, and physical and digital assets.

A Confluence of Design

COVID and an industry naturally evolving to more remote management has given BeerBoard the opportunity to flex, showcasing years of aggregated data with novel approaches to solving business needs. BeerBoard works closely with TangoSquared to ensure that the user experience not only fits within the current platform, but sets the stage for feature growth and relieves some of the UX debt without a wholesale changeup in the apps that BeerBoard customers have become comfortable with.

Moving way beyond beer

With a refined platform and a wealth of data aggregated from deep, broad integration across major restaurant and bar franchises, BeerBoard is now expanding into offering AI and data intelligence for Liqour and Wine product management.


Onboarding time

TangoSquared redesigned and built a new onboarding process that got clients productive in the platform in minutes, instead of weeks.


SmartMenu user views

During the six-week run of the Lagunitas IPA promotional campaign, Hooters realized over HALF A MILLION user views of the content on SmartMenus.

“TangoSquared always goes above and beyond, and makes us feel like we are their only client. They bring a new rigor to all things marketing—from fresh campaign strategies to beautiful, on-brand designs. Everyone at TangoSquared has an unmistakable mastery of their profession, and they are such a pleasure to work with that they truly feel like an extension of our team. ”

Melissa Machay,