Comfort and fashion playing nice together.

A top tier fashion brand laying the technological foundation for sustainable growth and optimizing their operations.

Options everywhere, all at once

With a fashion label built on an evolution of bohemian beach and downtown sophistication. Suzie Kondi’s explosive growth is …a tribute to her smart sense of comfort and style... However the back office systems that served the web and physical storefronts couldn’t scale to support the growth. So they brought TangoSquared into the (fabric) fold to address this and UX flow bottlenecks with their Shopify website, ERP and fulfillment operations.

Services Provided

UX/UI Design

ADA Compliance

Performance Tuning

Design Auditing

Social Media Design

Custom Shopify Development

Key Challenges

Key Challenges

Coordination between physical and digital storefronts lacked the automated workflows needed to keep inventory moving and reduce shipping times.

The existing UX approach wasn’t meeting the needs to drive conversion, and what had been developed made it difficult to extend functionality.

Navigation was too deeply nested, and poor search integration paired with uncoupled color and fabric listings made browsing a chore for users.

Seamless Seams

Fashion-forward brands tend to lean into design that embraces white space, small type, and large format media, often at the expense of usability. TangoSquared worked closely wth the Kondi team to elevate the design without sacrificing the brand aesthetic, while also developing new functionality to synchronize warehouse, storefront, and digital sales tracking and supply chain movement.

High design, accessible for all

Working with their lead designer,Tango developed a more refined user experience, reducing the number of steps from first touch to checkout, dramatically improving accessibility and ease of use throughout the site, and adding a number of new features to enrich the shopping experience, bringing it inline with the sophistication of the product and brand.


Reduction in shipping times

Alter Tango's new custom system rollout to improve time from order placement online to warehouse shipping


Improvement in user journey

Number of steps for the user to take from product main screens to checkout went from 5 on average, to 2


Total Sales

Sales increased YOY after Tango redesigned the user experience and optimized the e-commerce engine

“The team at TangoSquared has taken my company to the next level. I’ve been throughly impressed with their market insight and quick grasp of our corporate goals.”

Mike Etheridge, Founder and CEO of Badger Industries