Mapping the contours of your face for a perfect fit.

A Shark Tank invested company on the rise in need of some performance and design tuning to pave the way for their perfectly-fitted product.

Laying the groundwork for takeoff

Goggles for professional swimmers are costly and to date have been mostly a one size fits all affair. The Magic5 sought to employ face scanning technology with a production process to output a set of googles that seal comfortably and specifically to each athletes uniquely contoured face.

Services Provided

UX/UI Design

ADA Compliance

Information Architecture

Design Auditing

Marketing Strategy

Custom Shopify Development

Anticipation should not be in waiting for the site to load.

Anticipation should not be in waiting for the site to load.

The Shopify site was not keeping pace with the speed that customers wanted to engage with it. It was in need of some performance fine tuning.

In anticipation of a continued explosion in sales, The Magic 5 sought to proactively bring the site into ADA compliance to open it up to as broad an audience as possible.

The original site and app process flow for selecting a product, scanning your face, and tracking from purchase to delivery was in need of a design and usability audit.

Losing Traction in Tracking

In the pursuit of customer satisfaction and feeding the excitement generated by scanning your face and having goggles custom made for you, The Magic 5 asked Tango to revitalize the process for tracking where a customers product was in transit. The founders efficiency in getting products in the hands of excited customers was being hampered by inaccurate visualizations of that journey, as well as a UX flow that was just a little too hard to use.


outcomes for all

TangoSquared’s ADA Compliance solution layer, tied with the site wide UX flow enhancements and significant redesigns to product tracking from purchase to delivery, set the stage for The Magic5 to confidently increase their marketing budget, including a second appearance on Shark Tank.


ADA Compliance

TangoSquared brought TheMagic5's fast growing e-commerce site into full ADA compliance.

2 min

Improved checkout and face scan time

From goggle selection, to scanning customers face, to purchase confirmation.


Design Audit

Revealed three paths to UX improvement on the site; shipment tracking, checkout to face scan app flow, and product view to checkout.


Faster page loads

With a rebuilt Shopify front end, done in part to support ADA compliance

“The team at TangoSquared has taken my company to the next level. I’ve been throughly impressed with their market insight and quick grasp of our corporate goals.”

Mike Etheridge, Founder and CEO of Badger Industries